Sunday, December 27, 2009

Facebook affecting Indian firms productivity

Facebook is affecting the production of most of the Indian firms and a recent study confirms that more and more Indians spend time in Facebook during office offers. The study conducted by Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (Assocham)confirmed that Indian firms production are vastly hit by social networking sites especially Facebook and Orkut.

The study has come out with the figure which suggest that the employees spend 1 hr of their work time daily which means the Indian forms productivity time comes down by 12.5 percent.The major software forms like TCS,Infosys have already blocked the access to these networking sites totally.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Better ways of Savings

People are showing more interest towards purchasing through online. Throughout the World we have online stores for buying the best product and also availing at discount rates. is one of the best sites available for online deals. The experienced staff will be always at customer ends in a right way and help them to get better discounts. The customers are entitled to have free coupons while buying the branded products apparel, jewelry, fitness equipment, etc. Victoria secret is providing every year annual clearance sale for all types of goods.

The Home Depot is the largest house caring stores and a building professional. Home Depot coupons, promo codes are available with their products. This centre has got an extraordinary range of over 40,000 products where landscaping and construction materials are also available for sale. On purchasing a Maytag products like Washing machine, electronic heater, etc and if a person chose to buy two products of same brand will be given maximum discount. These products will give a clear verdict of Technology at Home Dept.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Simple C Program

C Program

Programs are generally written to accomplish a particular task.


a) To display some details to the user.
b) Adding two numbers.

The following is a simple C program that does the above mentioned jobs.


To display some details

#include//This is a storage type file called header
file, which contains all the predefined functions.

void main() The code has to be written inside this portion.

printf(“Hai, C is easy”); This is the statement which is used for displaying some output in the screen. (Predefined function available in header file)



Hai, C is easy

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Nokia releases Qt 4.6

Nokia one of the most leading mobile compnay has just now announced its release of the latest version Qt4.6.The new 4.6 version looks to be a great application and it has cross platform application and great User Interface platform.It has a slogan on it which says code less and create more

Nokia's latest version is the best enhancement done by them for a long time since it has made life easy or the developers since they can develop Symbian and Maemo platforms new graphical capabilities is an additional enhancement which has to surely be mentioned. This is th first time Nokia supports Symbian platform , and also adds Windows 7, Apple Mac OS 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and the upcoming Maemo 6 to the list of Qt supported platforms.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

ClassNotFoundException problem solution

findjar logo
ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundException are the common errors and also the most irritating errors for a Java developer.The solution for that is you don't have the jar file with you.The best place to look for jar file is

The process is very simple..

1) Visit

2) Enter a classname or package name and press Jar/Class Search button..

3) If you are not sure about the format in which you should serch you have last queries option below which helps you and guides you the format in which you need to search.

4) The latest advent of their sit is they have added some new functionallity like Eclipse Plug in and Firefox Search Engine Plug in

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Facebook status update saves a man from jail sentence

Facebook,Twitter and Orkut are the most sorted social networking sites and more and more people are in to that. There are is a general talk that more and more people waste their time in these social networks.Recently a man was arrested on the terms of robbery. Well th evidence that saved him was a Facebook update the previous day.

Bradford was the person who was arrested on the terms of robbery but his lawyer was shrewd enough to create an evidence out of his Facebook update which later saved him from jail sentence.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gmail bug solved by Google

Gmail which was very recently changed its version from Gmail Beta to Gmail normal one had a major bug yesterday which created waves all over the world.When people opened their personal mails they found that some of their mails had been already read. This is was a bug but people went to panic state that something had happened are some one intruded upon their private data.

the news spread at a faster rate than expected thanks to the services of some of the famous social networking sites.Twitter was a major site and people started checking their in boxes to find the unread mails read. Later Google reported that it was just a bug and it has been sorted and such things wont happen in the future.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to embed Excel in to a web page

Microsoft Excel can be embedded in to a web page easily.The Excel file with .xls can be embedded in to a Html page.Now I will explain you the steps clearly how to Embed Excel in to a web page.

1) Create a Excel which you would like to embed in to the web page.

2) Write a small HTML program to embed the excel file in to the the web page.


which will display the file in inside the browser.

4) If you are using the Firefox it will ask an option either to save the file or open it using Default Microsoft Excel.

5) If it is Internet Explorer (IE) you can open the file within the browser.Sometimes due to security reason the the file will be blocked,so in such a case you need to download file and then click open option to open it in the browser.

The same technique can be used to embed pdf and even word document.Just replace the excel file with corresponding files

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Twitter Translation

Twitter CEO Biz Stone has said that Twitter will not sit on its laurels and it is time or twitter to innovate and twitter will be in more languages soon. Twitter CEO Biz Stone said that Twitter users right now should become volunteer language translators. Biz Stone assured that Twitter will offer its services in multiple languages in the near future.

The languages Twitter will be available very soon are French,German,Italian and Spanish apart from the the present version of English and Spanish.Twitter is the most sort micro-blogging service in the today's world.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Google introduces new search features

The search engine war between Google and Microsoft is heating up.Google has introduced nine new features to attract more and more users.The new options are hidden from a user and you need to select the Show Options button after searching for some keyword to active the sidebar.The bets thing about these features is that they allow you refine your results and this is a most welcomed feature for any user.

The another great innovation by Google is that you have the option to see that page that you have already visited by clicking Visited pages which makes the searching more easier. This saves the time of the user considerably and this is another one feature which I felt worth mentioning.The timeline feature and Google Wonder Wheel are better integrated with the search results.Bing has already seen a set back with its market shares going down by 3.25%. Bing has to come up with some new strategy to stay in competition with Google.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

New iPod Nano

iPod Nano

The new iPod Nano has all the old features intact with the new features added to it.The extra features are added but the size remains same and which makes it even more interesting.The new iPod Nano you have a small video camera player and I feel it is an astonishing triumph of technology.Some technolgy experts feel that this effort by Apple is mainly because of the reduction the iPod users but I don't feel so.

The other major features in iPod Nano is FM radio. This up gradation is the most expected by the users and finally it has come out.The new Nano iPod price is $149 for the 8-gigabyte model and $179 for the 16 GB version.I feel it is a bit costlier than expected.Well people who feel you can spend that much will surely have a treat with this.

Surgical Robots with Artificial Intelligence


The technical advancement is so high that we are heading to a world where we will soon see Robots doing operation with the help of Artificial intelligence.Hunterian Museum of the Royal College in England has organized a medical camp for surgeons where they will explain the places where robots are used in the field of medicine.

Doctors are now having surgical instruments and are doing the operations,but very soon robots will be doing that with human assistance.This is totally based on Artificial Intelligence and scientist feel that if that state is attained there will be more precision in the operations carried out.

PROBOT is the name of this project and this idea was started long back in 1988.Since then the process is take one step further but but due to lack of funds the whole idea gets hampered.RI-Man is one robot which I admire the most.It could lift a patient carefully and the main idea was to use this kind of robots as night duty nurse.Unfortunately due to lack of funds this project got shutdown,but they are coming up with a better version called RIBA.Well but very soon we will see a world with robots.

The RIMAN was so famous that it made in to the Time Magazine best invention list in the year 2006.The Robot Saya is another great find since the robot can teach school kids.What I personally feel is that lack of fund is what is hampering these kind of research oriented projects.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Yahoo Meme In English

Yahoo are now trying their luck in micro blogging platform with Yahoo Meme.Yahoo launched this micro blogging platform in Spanish first and then Portuguese and now finally in English.This is mainly started as a competition for Twitter.

Yahoo Meme is similar to Twitter and Tumblr since you can search in others public profiles and you can post some others entry by clickcing the Repost button.I personally feel that Yahoo Meme lacks something special so that people stop using other services like Twitter and start to use Yahoo Meme.But Yahoo has high hopes on this new micro blogging platform YAHOO MEME

Worlds Best Hacker Jonathan James

Jonathan James born in 1983 December 12 turned out to be the worlds most threatening and biggest hacker.James at the age of 16 hacked in to the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA).Jonathan James also hacked in to the NASA systems and stole software worth $1.7 million.

He lived for a very short period of life and he died at the age of 24. The exact reason for his death is not revealed but according to the sources it seems that he committed suicide.He is termed to be the Worlds best since in a very short span of his life he cracked down all the high profile organizations security including that of NASA.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Virtua Tennis 2009 Review

Virtua Tennis is one of my favorite games. I just love the latest version of the game with the introduction of Roger Federer in the game.The legend of the game is in the Virtua Tennis too.Virtua Tennis game series is very old Sega game and is very famous to among the users.The latest Virtua Tennis has the feature of Quick game and they also allow you to create your own player.

This is how Roger Federer looks in the game. I personally feel that the graphics of the game should have been a little more better. The sound in the game is still annoying and this is a normal complaint that is yet to be rectified from the first version this problem is prevalent.


1) You play the game online also.

2) You can create your own player just like all other games you can define his power stamina.

3) You can train the player before playing in the tournaments.

4) The same game can be played by increasing the difficult level and when you play in the top most difficulty level it is worth for the penny that you spend.The speed at which the game is played at the most difficult level and it is absurd and we cannot expect the same level of speed in real time.

5) The game keeps you occupied for hours since there are about 35 courts including grass and clay courts.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Doodle 4 Google Contest for children

Google has Doodle contest for children were children studying schools in India ( between 1st and 10th standard ) can participate in this contest. The specialty of this contest is your children work will displayed in Google Home page on Children's day.

The tiny tot which wins the contest will get a laptop and a cash prize of Rs.1 lakh. The theme for the event is 'My India' and the work should feature about India. this is open only for the kids from 1st standard to 10th standard.

This is somewhat similar to Bing in which you can upload your best pictures and if get selected it will be displayed in Bing Homepage.The children from 1st standard to 10th standard can register for this contest online from this site

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Samsung P2250 LCD Monitor

Samsung P2250 LCD Monitor has a very good look and I like it very much.The most attractive feature is its price. It may look little costly with Rs 11,500 but it has 3 years warranty period.The performance is very good and the only area people would have to think before getting Samsung P2250 LCD Monitor is about the price. The price should have been much lower for it to go well in the market.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

HDFC Net Banking

HDFC Bank is one of the biggest private sector Banks and it was established in 1994 after Reserve Bank of India (RBI) gave its nod. HDFC Bank is famous for the launch of online transaction through internet and this facility called as HDFC Net Banking. All the 1412 HDFC Bank branches are linked on an online basis.

August 15th , Independence Day of India is a Nation Wide Holiday. Well Friends this is known fact but the known fact for many of them is HDFC Net Banking is on a leave. They generally tell that they provide services to their customers on all (24 x 7 ) throughout the year. But today the HDFC Net Banking Services are under some maintenance till 7.30 P.M. in the evening. They should send prior mail to all the customers. I know that this post will not bring any drastic change but I just want to share my views with you all.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Tips to track Swine Flu online

Swine Flu is giving jitters all over the world ever since Swine Flu was declared as pandemic.Swine Flu is surely threatening but there are necessary steps which would ensure you to stay safe from the deadly Swine Flu.


Get some basic knowledge about Swine Flu from Wikipedia and CDC H1N1 Flu and the most important of all is to get knowledge from The World Health Organization (WHO)who provide you with all the updates about the Swine Flu and what should b done to prevent yourself and your family from this deadly virus.

Step 2


1) Get all the latest updates from Google News so that you can stay tuned about all the latest updates on Swine Flu and you can take the necessary steps to safe guard yourself.

2) is a site in which we can track the ares where Swine Flu is fast spreading.

3) is a site in which we have latest updates on Swine Flu.This is the health map of Mexico.Same for each area you can check here how fast is the Swine Flu virus spreading in your area.



These are the symptoms of Swine Flu.Search Google
on each symptom and don't panic in any of the situation.Everything will be fine.I will update you about the rest of the sites which will help you to track Swine Flu online

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Need for Speed Shift : Dont miss this car game

This is the greatest news for all the racing lovers. Yes the much anticipated Need for Speed Shift is going to be released this September.If you are a core fan of racing don't miss the all thrills and spills wih this game.I am eagerly waiting for this game.

Need for Speed Shift game is published by the Electronic Arts.The announcement of Need for Speed Shift was made in January 2009.The expectation of the gamers have increased since there is a buzz that "Drifting" is back with Need for Speed Shift.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Black Berry 8250 in India

RIM after launching the BlackBerry in U.S and Canada have brought that to India.This phone is surely a cheep alternative for the costly BlackBerry 8900.The best fetaure in this mobile is that you have touch sensitive track pad.this time BlackBerry has tied up with Airtel to provide the services in India at the rate 299 per month.

The price of BlackBerry 8250 is Rs.15,990 and it is available throughout India from August 7th. AIRTEL customers can send SMS as 'BB' to 543210 to register to get the new BlackBerry.

Monday, August 3, 2009

MI5 website hit by Hackers

Hackers hit the MI5 website.This site is used in UK and and it is very famous for protecting the nation against all security attacks.It was a great irony to know that the site which is developed to protect the nation was itself hacked.The MI5 home office also confirmed that there was a small security breach.

The MI5 website spokesman confirmed that the attack was to get the information about the users who log in to the website.they had used cross site script attack but it was just a small issue and will be fixed very soon.She refused to give further details and told that they have "Elite Team" and they are responsible for this attack.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Microsoft Bing enters top 20 website list

Microsoft Bing has already had huge impact in a very short span of time.Formally known as Live search it has been a big hit in Us with 33 percent of traffic is driven to the site from the users in U.S.The slogan of the company is very cache which is "Bing and decide" .

The top 5 website list are here..

1) Google

2) Yahoo

3) Youtube

4) Facebook

5) Windows Live

This ranking is given based on the traffic for the site and it is given by Alexa site.Google may top the list but Bing has had such an exponential growth since its launch two months back.The war is heating up with Google still emerging the winner and my prediction is that Google will be the UNDISPUTED KINGS.Nevertheless BING will surely give a tough fight.

Bill Gates dumps FaceBook and other social networking sites

Bill Gates the Microsoft founder on his visit to India has revealed that he hates Social networking sites.He has given reason that he is basically a 24 hour tech person and he very rarely uses these networking sites.

Gates also revealed that he has 10,000 friend request and he says he is very tried to check whether he knows that person are not.He is right since it is really a time consuming process to know whether he knows that person are not and then accept his friend request.

Here is a look the Bill Gates Facebook page.Do you really think this Bill Gates Facebook account.I am sorry friends it is not.It is a hilarious comedy account that has been created by PcWorld,and I have no idea of how his original account will look.trying to figure out that very soon will come up with the details.

Waterproof MP3 Player | NU Dolphin Sports MP3

NU Dolphin Sports is a simple MP3 player without ouch controls.The Mp3 player is very simple and its waterproof is certified by IPX7 certification.IPX7 certification is one of the highest certifications given for waterproof products.The storage capacity is 2GB.It has limitations and it can play only MP3 and WMA formats.

The total bundle in the software consist of

1) NU Dolphin MP3 Player which has a sports look and is waterproofed.

2) Earphones obviously.

3)Hand Band with a good sports look.

4) Extension Cable with 2 different port size.

5) Charging Cable.

6) USB Transfer and

7) Manual the most important.The manual is quite self explanatory as it generally should be.


The price is Rs.4500 with one year warranty.
I would suggest you to get this only if you need to be in water for a long time and during that time you want to tune in to your favorite hits.

Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones

Creative Aurvana X-Fi is a headphone which uses the X-Fi chipset and it cancels all the ambient noise.This product i best know for the clarity of music that it can give to its listeners.The ambient noise is totally eliminated and so you drench yourself compltely in to the World of Music.The noise reduction level is 20 decibels.The best feature is you have the technology of X-Fi CMSS 3D using which it converts audio to surround sound which helps th listener to have a better experience.Moreover the technology of X-Fi Crystalizer transforms the music in CD's and MP3's completely.The frequency response is optimum and so there is no lag in the audio.


Creative Aurvana X-Fi headphones are very good or hard core lovers of base music and for others it is just to high to get.The technology used in this are quite refereshing but still it is not a perfect make.Finally if you don't mind others eavesdroppingin to your music then better go for this

Monday, July 27, 2009

BSNL Broadband Usage | How to check Broadband use

The BSNL users who have not availed to unlimited plan have always this headache of checking there bandwidth usage especially during the end of the month.All you need to do is Go to DataOneWeb Mail and click Check your account usage.

You will get a screen very similar to this.Now all you need to do is enter the user name and password assigned to you.Now you will get a screen similar to the one seen below.Now you can check bandwidth usage,What plan currently you are in.

The next step is you need to click Service Records and then select the month you want to check account usage.Now press OK button to get the details.

This is the screen that you will get which gives you all the details about your broadband usage for that month,including duration of hours the net was used.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Computer is a "Commonly Operated Machine Particularly used for trade education and research".Nowadays Computes are almost used in all fields and the world is moving in a trend such that everything work needs computer.

Monday, July 20, 2009

How to access Google Wonder wheel

Google Wonder Wheel

Step 1

The first and the foremost step is you need to type the URL

Step 2

The Google Wonder Wheel is not found in the home page of Google.To actually get that you need to search a term.For example I search the term Google Adsense.

Step 3

When Google list the search results all you need to do is click the Show option button and then scroll down to click the "Wonder wheel” which is in the Standard view.

Step 4

Now you get the related searches for the particular word ,in this example which happens to be Google Adsense.The graphical representation of the related searches to that particular word are shown.This could be a very handy technique to find the words that yield you higher page ranks to that particular post that you write.

'Airtel Special 5' Scheme launched | Call special ones at special rates

Airtel are making new innovations and now they have introduced the 'Airtel Special Five' for all its customers.This scheme allows you to select five numbers of your friends,family which you use most frequently and make local calls at 20 paise per minute and STD calls at 50 paise per minute.The Airtel customers are extremely happy with this scheme.

Venkatesh the CEO of Bharthi Airtel Karnataka told the press that this new initiative is done by Airtel because they recently found out by conducting a survey that most of the customers make frequent calls to selected numbers who are obviously their special dears ones in the life.Hence we have introduced this new scheme of "Airtel Special Five"

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Worst Failure Ever | Obama Adminsitration

Worst Failure Ever.jpg
Worst Failure Ever | Worst Ever Failure | President Barack Obama | Barack Obama Adminstartion.

Hey guys this is a prank that some one has created in Google.When you type "Worst Failure Ever" or Worst Ever Failure in Google the result you get is "President Barack Obama Administration." webpage.

This is work of some hacker who gas created a Google Bomb.Google Bomb or Link Bomb is a method which is used to raise the web page rank.To explain more clearly if many people link to one web site the ranking of that particular web site is raised.For example if many web site link to my site "Tech Buzz" then when typed in Google has Tech Buzz you will get that result in the top.This is generaly done to in humorous way to create pranks.

Google generally re very quick to find out these Link Bombs and remove them.I hope it is the same case here.Type the same search term after a week or so to see some other results.Hope so Google are fast enough to track it down.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Find Yahoo invisble users | Trick to find them

Yahoo messenger provides us a option to be invisible to all the users are to some selected users.This feature is not available in Gtalk.Yahoo provides this feature at the same time it also provides the trick to find out if some one is avoiding us are they are too busy to talk to us.


1) All you need to do is click the above picture which takes you to that site.

2) Enter the Yahoo Id of the person whom you want to check whether he or she is avoiding you are not.

3)You can enter a id and it immediately detects whether the person is online or offline or whether he is in invisible mode.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Deaf Heaven | Reliance to bring Moblie Novel to India

Relaince to bring Novel to India.This is a very good innovation tried out by Reliance Communication.The subscription for the novel "Deaf Heaven" is Rs 30.This innovative idea is tried out in India to see if people accept that.The whole novel will come as 90 SMS within 30 days.They are planning to start the services by August.I dont think this will be a hit,nevertheless worth a try.I still keep my fingers crossed and hope they succeed.

Reliance are taking a gamble and if it pays of they will surely become a leader in the Value Added Services field.They are also planning to release the novel in audio format and people can subscribe that too for a monthly charge.

Online Payment | Airtel Brodband and Landline Bills

Some people might be very surprised to know what is new in this.Airtel had Online Payment only for Mobile users.even that service was introduced only from the year 2004.The long wait for the Airtel Brodband and Landline customers is over since they can pay their bills online now.

Airtel broadband and landline users can now register in Airtel Self Care portal and pay their bills online.The Airtel customers are extremely happy with this new feature and one of the customer has tipped that this is a much awaited feature

Nokia Music Store in India

Nokia is planning to launch Nokia Music store in India by the end of this year.This is a great news fro all the music lovers in India.This will offer customers unlimited music download that will keep the music lovers en thrilled.Virtually music lovers can download anything related to music from Nokia Music Store.

Nokia people revealed that they have already started the Nokia Music Store in India and right now it is in test process where they are testing the new feature with a group of closed people.They also gave assurance by the mid of this year the services would start all over India and people can enjoy their music and start to dance for their favorite numbers.

Nokia company have promised that with this service people can browse, have unlimited music downloads to their mobiles are computers.The testing process will soon be over and customers who by new Nokia products will get to use this feature.

Tips to convert Text to Speech for Free

I was fascinated when I came across a tool in online which converts the text to Speech.The pronunciation of the words is too good and it is FREE to convert your voice to Text.The clarity of the voice is good for normal English but in case if you use some foreign language names then the pronunciation of those names is really very funny.IVO Software was first published in the year 2001 and it is making a steady progress till date.


1)Ivona is the site which provides this amazing service where you can convert Text that you type to Speech.I am browsing Google when I came across this site.

2) Click Record button and type the content which you want to convert to speech.You can select either a male or a female voice.The document would look like the above screen shoot.

3) Press Download button and then click the radio button download without registration and press next.

4) You can download the file which will appear to be in .mp3 format.

You can try this feature and I once again thank Google search Engine which helps to find me all the best sites around the Web.

Method to upload multiple videos to youtube easily

Do you want to know the trick to upload multiple videos in you tube simultaneously.I will give you a double bonanza where you can upload up to 100 you tube videos with a single click.When you use
FireUploader the job is very easy.FireUploader is also called as Universal Uploader is one of the very famous firefox add on.

The next step is enter your You Tube username and password and click Add, and then , click OK. It will now sign-in and show you a list of videos you have uploaded to YouTube, you can manage your list here.Then you need to select the videos from your system which you are going to upload.The window will look like the figure above.

Open Multiple Applications with a Single click

This is an old technique but it is a very useful one to start multiple application with a single Click.The idea is very simple and you need to know at least little bit of batch programing for this.It would take some time for me to explain what Batch Programing is and how effectively we can use it.Generally Batch Programming are used by system administrators to automate some tedious process which are generally carried out by them manually.


1) Click Start-----> Run

2) Type "notepad" without quotes to open a notepad.

3) Now lets us say that we want to open Firefox Yahoo Messenger simultaneously then all you need to do is copy this code in the notepad.

start “Firefox” "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"
start "Yahoo Messenger " "C:\Program Files\Yahoo!\Messenger\YahooMessenger.exe"

4) The next step is save this file as Start.bat. The extension Start.bat to open multiple applications instantly!!!

6) You can open not just to applications as much as you like and the code written here is very easy and now i will explain you how to get this code.The code written in step 3 is got from shortcut of Firefox application.Right click the application and select Properties and a window will appear like this.Copy the code in Target and Paste it in the notepad File.

start “Firefox” "C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe"

7) Remember one thing you need the shortcut of every application which you would like to start instantly.

8) These are the list of applications that I start instantly.

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