Sunday, May 23, 2010

Guide to buy laptops

Computers are the most commonly used machine by almost every human being. With the advent of technology we can say that laptops are one of the best inventions till date which have a cutting edge technology. Some manufacturers use desktop processors for laptops to boost the performance level. There are also specially designed processors for mobile computing which runs faster and consume relatively less power and cooler than desktop processors. Laptops have become a basic product which is seen in almost every family nowadays.

Laptops usually provide easy access on the move, that is why this technology has become a huge success. We have various laptops, according to the needs of the consumers. Each one will have a different configuration and their performance levels also vary accordingly. For example a student may want to buy a laptop that may cost really low. Their only aim is to get a notebook that can be easily carried from class to class. The only disadvantage of such laptops is that they have small screens and single core processors. They are mainly used for paper writing and research works. Apple’s Macbook is a great example for such kind of notebook and the minimum configuration for such kind of notebook is 1GB of RAM and 160GB hard disk.

Other users who use laptops are generally gamers. Gamers mostly use desktops which can upgraded according to their needs and specifications, but in recent times gaming laptops have been making quite a revolution among gamers which gives them an ultimate gaming experience on par with the desktops. The only advantage is that they get a great gaming experience on the move which cannot be experienced in a desktop. Intel’s core i7 is the most commonly used processor for 3D gaming. Alienware is one of the finest examples for gaming laptops. It gives an ultimate gaming experience with cutting edge graphics provided by Nvidia’s graphic cards. The minimum configuration required for gaming is 4GB to 8GB RAM with a disk space of 320 GB or more.

The next category of laptops is for typical business people. They are always on the move and they require a robust computing experience and system that can safeguard all their data. The purpose for which they use laptops is for creating presentations and working on excel sheets for various data calculations and also work on some business related softwares. Dell and Lenovo offer great laptops like Thinkpad which are created mainly for business people who are always on the road or traveling across the globe. A minimum configuration of 2 to 4GB of RAM and a disk space of 160GB or more is sufficient enough to work on.

The last and the most commonly used laptops are the ones used by home users which are used by almost every member of a family right from parents to small kids. These are the mostly standard mainstream laptops with 15 or 16” display and very rarely moves from place to place. These laptops which are used by the entire family always stay on one desk so that everyone can access it. The main purpose of such laptops is for watching videos and movies and browsing the internet. These laptops come with a Core 2 Duo processor and the requirements are 2GB of RAM and 80GB of HDD or even more.

So when you buy a laptop you should always make sure that it suits your needs and requirements and purchase one accordingly.

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