Sunday, September 13, 2009

Surgical Robots with Artificial Intelligence


The technical advancement is so high that we are heading to a world where we will soon see Robots doing operation with the help of Artificial intelligence.Hunterian Museum of the Royal College in England has organized a medical camp for surgeons where they will explain the places where robots are used in the field of medicine.

Doctors are now having surgical instruments and are doing the operations,but very soon robots will be doing that with human assistance.This is totally based on Artificial Intelligence and scientist feel that if that state is attained there will be more precision in the operations carried out.

PROBOT is the name of this project and this idea was started long back in 1988.Since then the process is take one step further but but due to lack of funds the whole idea gets hampered.RI-Man is one robot which I admire the most.It could lift a patient carefully and the main idea was to use this kind of robots as night duty nurse.Unfortunately due to lack of funds this project got shutdown,but they are coming up with a better version called RIBA.Well but very soon we will see a world with robots.

The RIMAN was so famous that it made in to the Time Magazine best invention list in the year 2006.The Robot Saya is another great find since the robot can teach school kids.What I personally feel is that lack of fund is what is hampering these kind of research oriented projects.

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