Sunday, July 19, 2009

Worst Failure Ever | Obama Adminsitration

Worst Failure Ever.jpg
Worst Failure Ever | Worst Ever Failure | President Barack Obama | Barack Obama Adminstartion.

Hey guys this is a prank that some one has created in Google.When you type "Worst Failure Ever" or Worst Ever Failure in Google the result you get is "President Barack Obama Administration." webpage.

This is work of some hacker who gas created a Google Bomb.Google Bomb or Link Bomb is a method which is used to raise the web page rank.To explain more clearly if many people link to one web site the ranking of that particular web site is raised.For example if many web site link to my site "Tech Buzz" then when typed in Google has Tech Buzz you will get that result in the top.This is generaly done to in humorous way to create pranks.

Google generally re very quick to find out these Link Bombs and remove them.I hope it is the same case here.Type the same search term after a week or so to see some other results.Hope so Google are fast enough to track it down.

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