Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tips to convert Text to Speech for Free

I was fascinated when I came across a tool in online which converts the text to Speech.The pronunciation of the words is too good and it is FREE to convert your voice to Text.The clarity of the voice is good for normal English but in case if you use some foreign language names then the pronunciation of those names is really very funny.IVO Software was first published in the year 2001 and it is making a steady progress till date.


1)Ivona is the site which provides this amazing service where you can convert Text that you type to Speech.I am browsing Google when I came across this site.

2) Click Record button and type the content which you want to convert to speech.You can select either a male or a female voice.The document would look like the above screen shoot.

3) Press Download button and then click the radio button download without registration and press next.

4) You can download the file which will appear to be in .mp3 format.

You can try this feature and I once again thank Google search Engine which helps to find me all the best sites around the Web.

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