Saturday, June 27, 2009

Microsoft Windows 7 to be launched on October 22

Microsoft Windows 7 to be officially released on October 22nd.The price of Windows 7 is $120 which is cheaper than Windows Vista pricing.Bill Gates has huge hopes on Windows 7 and he feels that this would be a huge hit just like Windows XP.


The price of Windows 7 is comparitively cheaper than Widows Vista.You can save 10 dollars and in the Premium edition you can save 40 $ since the pricing as been reduced from 240 $ to 200 $.


The good news for the Windows XP users is that they can upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 at relatively cheap rates.The pre-order of Windows 7 makes this possible.The only thing is we need to know which edition of Windows we are using now and we need to change to that corresponding new edition.Foe example if we are using Windows XP Home Edition we can change to Windows 7 Home Edition.More over for all the new buyers of Windows Vista they provide a free demo version of Windows Vista

Friday, June 5, 2009

Dream 11 : Play online cricket

online cricket

The latest form of cricket T20 is fast catching all and even companies are making games based on that.The latest buzz is that a company as made a online game for cricket where we cam select our own team of 11 players and play the game online.

How to Play Fantasy Cricket:

1. Register yourself in the
2. Select the players whom you like the most to form your own team
3. The only criteria is that manage your player selection within the allotted budget.
4. Points are allotted based on how your players perform.

The beta version of the game has been released and it is the first graphical game available online. Go have a look and enjoy the game.

Google Squared the new search engine tool launched by Google


Google the search engine giant launches a new search tool called "Google Squared".Generally Google search engine provides a list of webpage links when we search for a particular information.

Google Squared the new search engine tool automatically fetches facts and data and organizes them and gives the user who has queried in with a particular keyword.Google Squared could be useful for user who needs to make multiple searches to find the information they want in a particular topic.
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