Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brief history of Mobile Phones and the current era of Smart phones

Mobile phones have almost become an integral part of everyone’s life and have become indispensable. The use of mobile phones has almost become inevitable and their existence has slowly changed from a luxury to a basic need. The technology advancement in the mobile phones is quite phenomenal and to have an idea on that we need to traverse back 40 to 50 years where 1st generation of mobiles came in to existence. Around 1990’s the second generation of mobiles with digital networks made their existence and SMS the text messaging service was started in this era. Then came 3G where high speed data networks are used and finally we are in to the fourth generation of mobiles called 4G. The main advantage of using 4G mobiles is the elimination of circuit switching.

Mobile phones are slowly being replaced by Smart phones and thanks to Nokia Communicator the Father of all Smart phones. Well HTC is a stiff competitor for other companies and looks like they will soon become the World’s no1 leader in Smart phones. The HTC mobiles in India that are ruling the roast are HTC WildFire, HTC Desire , HTC Incredible.

Consumermate site has launched separate tab htc india which unravels all the best models that are available in the store. This brand phones with Android OS is the best combo that someone can bet on. These gsm mobile along with their intuitive touch screen is a must have. Friends based on your available budget be smart enough and select the best smart phone available in the market. Welcome to the world of smart phones !!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spice Popcorn Projector Mobile Features and Price

Spice Popkorn Mobile

Spice Mobile Company has now launched the Spice Mobile M-9000 Popkorn phone, and the most attractive feature of this mobile is its in-built projector. The price of the Spice Popkorn phone is Rs 6,999.

Spice M-9000 is a Dual SIM mobile. The in-built projector helps us to project movies , videos and also helps us to give presentations. The Spice phone can also be used as a analog TV. The analogue TV feature was pre-dominantly present in devices like the Nokia N93 and N96.

The other stand out feature of M-9000 Spice Mobile is Document Viewer using which we can see various official documents which are in Word, Excel , PowerPoint fomats. It has support to even view a PDF. These are some of the features that are worth mentioning.

Spice Projector Mobile

Key Features :

1) Dual SIM Mobile

2) In-built projector and Analog TV.

3) Document viewer

4) 3.2 MP camera.

5) 6 cm,262K QVGA Screen

6) VideoRecorder and Video Player

7) Support to play 3gp, mp4, avi, flv, rm & rmvb

8) GPRS , Bluetooth and FM recording.

Price :

The Spice Popkor Mobile price in India is Rs. 6999. The price is said to be agressive and soon many people will start using this mobile. The only problem I think is I am not very sure about the resale value this mobile will go at, when compared to Nokia mobiles.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

HTC Desire Z features and price in India

HTC desire in India
HTC Desire Z has finally come to India after 6 months of delay from the US market. HTC Corporation has launched this smart-phone for Rs 25,590. HTC Desire Z sports a QWERTY keyboard and it has a 3.7 inch touch screen which helps a very quick Internet surfing. The QWERT keyboard enables quick texting and even emailing can be very quick. HTC phones are becoming popular day by day mainly due to the use of Google's Android OS.

Now I will list some of the stand out features of HTC Desire Z


OS : Android 2.2 (Froyo) with HTC Sense

Processor : 800 MHz ( So just imaging the speed)

RAM : 512 MB RAM

Camera : 5 mega pixel and HD recording and even face detection feature is available

Support for 480x800 pixel resolution.

3G Features

Download Speed : Upto 14.4 Mbps

Upload Speed : Max of 5.76 Mbps

HTC Desire Z
PRICE in India

The HTC Desire Z price in India is Rs 25,590. the only sad news is that India has to wait for six months after the launch of HTC Desire Z in US. Well when the whole world is looking for Desire S, India has to be contend with HTC Desire Z. All the big companies including Apple , HTC re looking Indian market has a second option. Please change this mentality

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Nokia E7 price in India

Nokia e7 pics

Nokia E7 is a Qwerty keyboard and it looks extremely stylish . Nokia E7 is a business phone and it looks are eye catching and it is available in two colors for this initial release.

Nokia E7

Some of the stand out features of this phone are

1) QWERTY Keyboard, touch screen and complete social networking integration

2) View official mails and read PDF's on the move

3) the camera is 8 MP (mega pixel) and has HD video.

4) Built in VPN is a big plus.

5) Handwriting recognition is also available here

Nokia E7

Price of Nokia E7 :

The price of Nokia E7 in India is expected to Rs 32,000. Right now as per Nokia site the pre-order is happning and the price of Nokia e7 is Rs 35,019 and you can pay in three EMI's.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tech Gadgets you might need

Tablet PC

Consumermate site is gaining more and more attraction from customers. This is mainly due to their quality reviews and ease of user interface which helps the user to compare different models and come to a conclusion on which model suits them. The site is adding two new sections (MP3 and also Tablet ) to the already available wide range of sections. The site is also well known for its expert advices on which electronic items to get. The site is must see, for all the gadget lovers. I just need to give them a five on five for the ease of user interface. The credit goes to the web site developer for such a great user interface.

Tablet PC are portable personal computers equipped with touch screen and they are making big waves in the International market. Consumermate has found that this would soon become a big hit in Indian market and so they have introduced a section called Tablet india.

Consumermate also has introduced one more section called mp3 players india. This section might not be as new as tablet pc but the craze for mp3 players have not gone down especially in India. They sell all the latest brands Sony, Apple, Samsung . The user reviews present in the site help the customers to get a clear picture about naïve users views which would help them to finalize the product of their needs and choices.

A new User review contest has been launched by Consumermate site and everyone can participate in the online contest and win exciting prices which include Digi Cams , latest pen drives and much more.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cognizant CEO D'Souza best paid in IT sector


CMIE (Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy) recently found which CEO in the It sector is most paid. Cognizant CEO Francisco D'Souza is the highest paid with 6.14 crore. Vineet Nayar the CEO of HCL happens to be the second with 4.54 crores. He is the youngest CEO to get such a salary and he is part of the team which founded the Nasdaq-100 in 1994.

D'Souza won The Economic Times Entrepreneur Award in 2005. He is the CEO of Cognizant from 2007 and has topped all other top It company CEO's salary like TCS, Infy.TCS CEO Chandra is paid 2.97 crore and Infy CEO S Gopalakrishnan is paid 1.01 crore.
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