Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gold savings

In olden days, for trading purpose Egypt used gold coins by their weight for business dealings. Later the coins were reformed and cut in to various shapes and wire. After 1300, the gold production was increased by the Hungary new mines. Then gold coins were produced throughout Europe. Spanish crowns were also made up of gold and were exported to countries like Netherlands, England and Venice.

The price of gold is usually declared by a group of five banks. The above price fixing was initially started on 12th September in the year 1919 by Gold Traders and Refiners of that period. They were Pixley & Abell, Samuel Montagu & Co, Mocatta & Goldsmid, NM Roths Child & Sons and Sharp Wilkins. Nowadays the gold prices are fixed in pounds, Euros and US dollars. The present gold prices of many gold products are derived from the gold price that was formulated and fixed as standard uniform price to be followed by each country.

The gold price announcement will taking place daily two times and it will be at the office of NM Roths Child & Sons but from 5th May in the year 2004 gold spot fixing is being done through telephone. Presently Scotia-Mocatta, Deutsch Bank, Pixley & Abell, HSBC, Barclays Capital, Societe Generale are taking care of spot gold price fixing.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Customize Halloween banners

Halloween is an annual holiday which takes place every here on October 31st. I hope everyone is eagerly waiting for this day since the trick or treating game played by kids is big time fun. Children on Halloween day go to different houses asking for treat. When the house owner refuses to give the treat they play all their pranks. Kids wearing Halloween costumes are another highlight on this day which makes the day so colorful and lively.

Decorating your house for Halloween with Happy Halloween banners is a must in almost every house on Halloween day. Halloween Banners are available in almost all reputed sites but very few sites give you the option to customize the Halloween banners of your own choice. So you can creatively choose the banner of your taste and make the Halloween festival a colorful one. So I wish you celebrate Halloween festival this year with creative Halloween banners.

Open Office Impress vs Microsoft PowerPoint

Open office Impress is a sure alternative for Microsoft PowerPoint. It has all the features that a Microsoft PowerPoint can provide and addition to that you can save your presentation as a .swf Flash file. Open Office Impress can import all images from Open Clip Art Library. This software can be downloaded free of cost which makes it much more attractive when compared to Microsoft PowerPoint. The easy to use drawing and diagrammatic tools makes life more easier when compared to PowerPoint.

I should also admit one more thing that people might be hesitant to change from MS PowerPoint but I suggest you to try this since it is really better than PowerPoint. May be it might get some time to be accustomed with this whilst it is surely worth a try. My verdict Open Office Impress impresses me than Microsoft PowerPoint.

Colorful helmets

It will be a better idea, if traffic rules are made stricter as many of the road users do not follow safety traffic regulations. In a sense the disobedience of certain persons makes others lives miserable. Actually the governing authorities are making as a statutory for two wheeler riders to wear Motorcycle Helmets. The leading manufactures of helmets are Shoei, Hawk, Bell, Outlaw, Shark, Joe Rocket. The Bell Arrow Matte Black Helmets are made of toly carbonate alloy shell that can be adjusted for better air circulation.

The Shoei Company helmets are comes in different colors and models. The shield is quoted with anti scratch material and the shield can be move up and down. These types are called full face helmets and it is liked by many people as it covers the head completely and giving a protection to the skull. The full face type is having an adjustable chin opening to get in air and prevent shield fogging. The inner liner of the helmet can be taken out and meant for washing. These liners are anti bacterial. The chin strap is fitted with D ring closure. There are few more types of helmets that include open face, half helmets, motor cross etc.

For motorcycle tires there are many companies like Dunlop, Bridgestone, IRC Firestone and Continental. The Battlax replacement front tire is meant for sporting purpose and thoroughly tested and each one is manufactured to bear the vehicles weight, horse power and handling methods.

Find and Replace in Firefox

Firefox addon
Find and replace is a very widely used functionality but surprisingly this feature is not available in Firefox by default. We need to download FoxReplace plugin and install that with Firefox browser. this plugin is absolutely free.

FoxReader also has limited Regex support and so if ou are a tch savvy ou can make use of FoxReader for easy Find and Replace functionlity. To inititae the find and replace you need to press Shift+F2.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ways of excellent learning

Students nowadays are more concerned about overall performance of securing high marks. To achieve that performance most of the students want to get higher marks. Fulfilling such ambition, tutor vista will be a right choice for excellent coaching in various subjects. Starting with formulas, expansions, factorization and all necessary Math answers to particular math problems or questions are provided through online.

Students are thoroughly taught geometry, number theory, calculus and so on by the expert tutors. The highly efficient professors of Maths will be able to solve algebra problems covering different levels of grades and the student can enjoy individual attention and learn College algebra. The above site is providing Algebra 1 help to the required students by extensively solving the related problems. Through online students can avail Math problem solver through out the day from Math tutors available for the convenience of the students. By accessing through online, students will have free demo class on the Math problem solver.

Tutor Vista is elaborately explaining about solving Linear equations by step by step that are very well understood by the learners. They can easily contact any tutor for Algebra solver and learn to solve Algebra problems though working assignments with regular homework. The value for a given Square root term can be found out using a Square root calculator. The above online educative system is also offering the students to learn and master the subjects at affordable rates.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Auto Car Parking system

Auto Car Parking
The future enhancements in technology is just reaching unimaginable heights. the creativity of scientist is well known especially in the field of Robotics. Today I thought I will share with you how auto parking system is installed by Park4u Valeo. they use ultra sonic sensors which helps the person to park vehicles.

automatic parking

The system evaluates the space available for parking and then automatically drives to park in the vehicle. It has reached a new height in the field of science. Valeo have even received safety award for their wonderful work. This is just amazing and I hope this is soon installed world wide.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best way to secure company data

Data Center can be called as the heart of an organization where all the vital information and critical data of an organization are stored in a completely secured manner. A company’s big challenge would be store its data in the most secure manner so that the data is free from both physical and virtual hindrance. The physical hindrance includes safe guarding the data from all kinds of natural calamities like fire, earthquake, tsunami etc. Generally these things are taken care by keeping the data center miles away from the location of the company so that even if there is a natural calamity all the critical data of the company would be in tact.

The next would be to safe guard the data from the virtual intruders. I mean the computer specialists who somehow find a virtual way to hack in to the system and get all the critical data and sell it outside. These people are called hackers and they do it mostly for money or else for thrill. The next thing would be to back data regularly since if the system crashes even then we need the data. I guess know you should have got a rough idea about the importance of the Data Center Security and how important it is for the growth of the company.

Virtualization Security is other important aspect which I would like to stress here. The system should be free from virus since it is very critical to keep the vital data safe from worms, virus and Trojans. So for this the virtual security is very much essential and it plays a significant role, since if the data is corrupt then whole system is of no use. Hackers are increasing in number and the ratio of ethical and non ethical hacker is so huge we need system which cannot have a security breech.
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