Sunday, November 22, 2009

ClassNotFoundException problem solution

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ClassNotFoundException and NoClassDefFoundException are the common errors and also the most irritating errors for a Java developer.The solution for that is you don't have the jar file with you.The best place to look for jar file is

The process is very simple..

1) Visit

2) Enter a classname or package name and press Jar/Class Search button..

3) If you are not sure about the format in which you should serch you have last queries option below which helps you and guides you the format in which you need to search.

4) The latest advent of their sit is they have added some new functionallity like Eclipse Plug in and Firefox Search Engine Plug in

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Facebook status update saves a man from jail sentence

Facebook,Twitter and Orkut are the most sorted social networking sites and more and more people are in to that. There are is a general talk that more and more people waste their time in these social networks.Recently a man was arrested on the terms of robbery. Well th evidence that saved him was a Facebook update the previous day.

Bradford was the person who was arrested on the terms of robbery but his lawyer was shrewd enough to create an evidence out of his Facebook update which later saved him from jail sentence.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Gmail bug solved by Google

Gmail which was very recently changed its version from Gmail Beta to Gmail normal one had a major bug yesterday which created waves all over the world.When people opened their personal mails they found that some of their mails had been already read. This is was a bug but people went to panic state that something had happened are some one intruded upon their private data.

the news spread at a faster rate than expected thanks to the services of some of the famous social networking sites.Twitter was a major site and people started checking their in boxes to find the unread mails read. Later Google reported that it was just a bug and it has been sorted and such things wont happen in the future.
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