Thursday, October 22, 2009

How to embed Excel in to a web page

Microsoft Excel can be embedded in to a web page easily.The Excel file with .xls can be embedded in to a Html page.Now I will explain you the steps clearly how to Embed Excel in to a web page.

1) Create a Excel which you would like to embed in to the web page.

2) Write a small HTML program to embed the excel file in to the the web page.


which will display the file in inside the browser.

4) If you are using the Firefox it will ask an option either to save the file or open it using Default Microsoft Excel.

5) If it is Internet Explorer (IE) you can open the file within the browser.Sometimes due to security reason the the file will be blocked,so in such a case you need to download file and then click open option to open it in the browser.

The same technique can be used to embed pdf and even word document.Just replace the excel file with corresponding files

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