Saturday, May 16, 2009

Explanation for the common error codes in Internet

400 - Bad Request - This error occurs when we type the wrong URL and server as
no clue of what error is that.

401 - Unauthorized Request - When we try to access some page which are not authorized to view we get this error.

403 - Forbidden - If a page is blocked from our domain or we need a password to access that page we get this error.

404 - Not Found - This is the most common error that we get on net which means that the URL we are looking for as been removed or renamed.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Robot Saya teach students in Tokyo

Saya the first robot which can talk animate ceratin features like it can smile show th feeling of surprise.Professor Hiroshi Kobayashi of Tokyo University of Science, who was the one who developed Saya, said that this robot was not to replace teaching faculty but to show it is as proof for advent of technology.

"We are not looking at making something that will take over from teachers, but rather our main reason for building this robot is to use new technology to teach children about technology," Kobayashi told Reuters.But Hiroshi Kobayashi also added that in places where there is shortage for teaching faculty we can use Robot Saya.
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