Sunday, October 4, 2009

Google introduces new search features

The search engine war between Google and Microsoft is heating up.Google has introduced nine new features to attract more and more users.The new options are hidden from a user and you need to select the Show Options button after searching for some keyword to active the sidebar.The bets thing about these features is that they allow you refine your results and this is a most welcomed feature for any user.

The another great innovation by Google is that you have the option to see that page that you have already visited by clicking Visited pages which makes the searching more easier. This saves the time of the user considerably and this is another one feature which I felt worth mentioning.The timeline feature and Google Wonder Wheel are better integrated with the search results.Bing has already seen a set back with its market shares going down by 3.25%. Bing has to come up with some new strategy to stay in competition with Google.

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