Sunday, August 23, 2009

Virtua Tennis 2009 Review

Virtua Tennis is one of my favorite games. I just love the latest version of the game with the introduction of Roger Federer in the game.The legend of the game is in the Virtua Tennis too.Virtua Tennis game series is very old Sega game and is very famous to among the users.The latest Virtua Tennis has the feature of Quick game and they also allow you to create your own player.

This is how Roger Federer looks in the game. I personally feel that the graphics of the game should have been a little more better. The sound in the game is still annoying and this is a normal complaint that is yet to be rectified from the first version this problem is prevalent.


1) You play the game online also.

2) You can create your own player just like all other games you can define his power stamina.

3) You can train the player before playing in the tournaments.

4) The same game can be played by increasing the difficult level and when you play in the top most difficulty level it is worth for the penny that you spend.The speed at which the game is played at the most difficult level and it is absurd and we cannot expect the same level of speed in real time.

5) The game keeps you occupied for hours since there are about 35 courts including grass and clay courts.

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