Monday, January 25, 2016

Huawei Mate 8 Phone from China

Chinese Smart Phone Industries have released a new Smart Phone called Huawei Mate 8 and the design aspects of the phone is so astonishing as they made it quite big and beautiful.The body colour is gunmetal grey,silver and white and black.The size six by six inch can not be argued any more as small.

Asus’ Zenfone Zoom, priced at Rs. 37,999,

Asus' new phone called Zenfone Zoom whose main interest is photography that can be captured even in dim lights and the cost is Rs 37,999.This has got exclusive shutter button with 3X OPTICAL ZOOM. From February all  Asus show rooms will have these phones.Now you can order from FlipKart.'

4 Inch i Phone 5SE By Apple

The new Apple i Phone 5SE in that SE means special type of the 4 inch screen and it is enhanced version of 5S. Apple as every one thought it will release 4 inch type of i Phone 6S ,but it doesn't do so. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Honda S660 the stylish looking Rear-Wheel drive with its engine situated in the middle would be much sought after car every one aspire.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Kai Tak Cruise Terminal in Hong Kong has wonderful facility excellent passenger space,waiting Halls,concourse,nice viewing of Victoria Harbour.

Two very big cruise type ships of tonnage up to 220,000 can be occupied.Atop the terminal we can enjoy Roof Garden which is 23000 sq meters.


The annual trade show in Barcelona

The annual Trade show will be very much awaiting at Barcelona where best Technology based companies all over the world will participate.

Most elegant phones wearables and other gadgets on the display.We can expect LG,Samsung,BlackBerry,Sony,MicroSoft Lumia etc.

IB Times UK is covering the whole event from 21-24 February and the ceremony starts on 22nd.

Here on we can witness elegant Smart Phones at the Catalan Capital. 

Monday, January 18, 2016

Jaguar All Wheel Drive Cars

High Performance cars combined with all wheel drive are the special features of Audi.

TVS APACHE RTR 200 Specification

The launching of TVS Apache RTR200 is slated for 20th Jan.But even before that the specifications are leaked in Indonesia. It has 4 valves,single cylinder,air-cooled and the power of engine 197.75cc. This has 20.23 bhp at 8500rpm and whiz past 60kmph from start in 4 sec at great speed of 130kmph. 
The TVS Apache will cost around Rs 1 lakh and will come in six colours.

New Mahindra KUV 100 AVAILABLE in Showrooms

Mahindra KUV 100 has at last released to showrooms.With SUV looks and competitive rates there is likelihood of many aspirants for these cars.The price ranges between 4.4 and 6.7 lakh.  

With all variants having ABS with EBD as standard and in addition two air bags will auger well for safety aspects.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Some Excellent Looking Smart Phones Around The World

Road Safety Infotainment Device

People who want to buy new cars are inclined at the above gadget due to its technical guidance they get from these devices.

International Driverless Cars Conference

International Driverless Cars Conference held in November 5-6 was headed by Architect David Homberg in Adelaide.

Even it was discussed the automatic cars can run closer than human driven cars by saying it means so much road space saved.It remains to be seen how it works out.

Samsung to Launch New I Phone

Samsung the South Korean Electronics Icon is making big moments as they plan to release three types of Galaxy S7 Phones.The three models are Galaxy S7,Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge +.Actually they are trying to match Apple's I Phones like I Phone 6s and I Phone 6s+.  
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