Saturday, August 28, 2010

AndroMDA Command to generate tables

AndroMDA is a Model Driven Architecture and in this post I am not going to explain about this great utility Code Generation tool. This post is to enlighten people how easily you can generate the SQL statements if you use AnrdoMDA....All you need to do is properly model the Entities (Tables) and the relationship among them with the hlp of modeling tools like Argo UML or RSA or even Magic Draw for that matter.

Command to generate TABLE SCHEMA

mvn -f core/pom.xml andromdapp:schema -Dtasks=create

Well most people try to do this but they get

[INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
[INFO] An error occurred while attempting to create the schema

Embedded error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.postgresql.Driver

You get Postgres.Driver error if you are using Postgres db and Mysql driver error if you are using Mysql db.

The problem is because you have failded to change the /core.pom.xml. This is the most important trick.Search for <executescripts> tag and change the value from true to false.

VALUE FOUND IN {Project location}\core\pom.xml


Change value in {Project location}\core\pom.xml
<executeScripts> false </executeScripts>

The resultant SQL file will be found in {Project location}/app/target/schema-create.sql.

Now all you need to do is run this SQL script in the database. The tables are created.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nokia mobile models

Nokia Su-33W-Mobile TV Receiver
Nokia 6600
Nokia E63
Nokia E51

Fantastic games

Throughout the worlds the users of internet is increasing and thereby elaborate knowledge is acquired by going through different sites. Of many such websites, the On line casino is inviting huge attraction amongst many. Win Palace Casino is very entertaining gaming platform that accepts players from USA. It offers welcome bonus up to $1000 for any new entrant. Any player decides to venture in for slots games he will be getting 300% bonus which may go up to $3000. There are more than 120 games where table games, progressive and craps are included. Players can enjoy the customer service through out the day in the site. In the Rushmore game, there are more than 80 games to choose from. The deposits are through credit card, Master Card, Eco card, Visa and so on.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Downloading from Internet

Downloading from Internet
If you want to download from Internet follow the instructions carefully.

Downloading Instructions for Archive Files

1. Download the file into your “/download”Directory.
2. Locate and invoke your archive decompression program.
3. Instruct the decompression programme to decompress the archive.
4. Examine the decompressed files, looking for programs like “install.bat”, setup.exe” or even “install.exe”. These are the typical file names for installation software included with the archived programme. If you cannot locate any of these look for files like “readme.txt”, “manual.doc” and the like. Most likely these will have the installation instructions. While most sites have clean software, sometimes you may run across files which are infected with a computer virus. You should have a decent virus detection programme, one which is capable of scanning compressed archives and run it against every programme you download before actually running the programme.

Attractive Rain Chains

Attractive Rain Chains
The down spout that is being used in houses which carries the rain water to the ground is known as gutter system. Now we have the rain chains direct, a web site that excels in the product specially produced for houses and gardens is named as rain chains. They have been manufacturing these products since 2003. The raw material for the above is copper links or copper cups. Actually the rain chain was found by Japan and has become very popular is us in the last ten years. The rain chain will attract the onlookers for their excellent design and they can be hung in the open but not in the case of down spouts. For the purpose of rain water harvesting also these rain chains are utilized through saving the waste running rain water by linking the rain chains and connecting effectively in to the barrels.

Many people adore the attractive rain chains and want to replace the old gutter system. The manufacturing system will be by hand assembling and hundred percent using copper materials and that too with heavy gauge. Over duration of period the copper material will be covered by beautiful patina. Generally the above material can be recycled for further use and not in the case of many other metals. There are floral designs, link designs, catch basins and styled cup designs. Using the above rain chains and when you watch during the rains you will see the water is clinging to the links or funnels through the cups and goes down to the ground and making like a waterfall sound will astonish you.

Bookmarks and Favorites

Bookmarks and Favorites
Everyday millions of web pages, websites are launching in the internet. It is very difficult for you to find website that is interesting to you. If you want to see the same website i.e. your favorite website you have to type the address again. For this Bookmarks and Favorites are very useful. You can save the addresses of sites in the option, so you can return to them quickly, without having to retype the addresses. Whether you are using Navigator or Internet Explorer, the procedure is same.

If you want to save a web page (your favorite web page), go to the Bookmarks or Favorites menu or click on its icon and select Add. When you click using the mouse on the icon again, the title of the page you recorded will appear at the bottom of the list. If you want to access the particular page, just double click on the title. It is very simple.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Most entertaining TV Channels

Laptop models

Characteristics of C Language

C is a programming language developed by AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in 1972. It was designed and written by a man named Dennis Ritchie. C is the most popular and common programming language for every application developer. C is derived from two early programming languages such as BPCL (Basic combined Programming Language) and B language. The BPCL was developed by martin Richards. And, B was developed by Ken Thompson. In 1972, Dennis Ritchie developed a new version of B and named it as C.


C has become a popular programming language because of its many features. Now let us list some of the characteristics of C.

• Structured programming language.
• General purpose programming language.
• Widely used in the development of system software.
• Contains rich set of operators and data types.
• C allows the user to add functions to the library.

Highly profitable games

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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Domain Names

History of Domain Names
Domain Names usually have two or more parts separated by dots. Every computer that hosts data on the net has a unique address. The Domain Name System (DNS) is the important part of the Net’s technological communication. The domain name suffix is known as a generic top level domain and it describes the type of organization. For example .aero represents air-transport industry, .gov for US Government organizations, .edu for educational institutions and .com for business organizations and .coop reserved for cooperative organizations. In addition to this 244 National top level domains (NTLD) were created for countries. I will give you some examples here. They are .au for Australia, .uk for United Kingdom and .ca for Canada, etc.

Tips to improve your Computer performance

improve your Computer performance
Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores all the configuration related settings and options. The structure of registry is it contains two basic things keys and values. The registry keys are similar to folders and they can have sub folders also. They are the backbone and most of the native users find it difficult to access a Windows registry. So the access to that is restricted based on user privileges which also called as ACL (Access Control List). So everyone should be very careful while editing this since a careless edit can damage the total windows configuration.

Native users not only are ignorant to this Windows Registry but also face a lot of performance issue because of that. RegCure Registery cleaner will solve all these problems and ensure that your PC has maximum performance and also it cleans all the incomplete UN-installations spy ware applications there by enabling your computer complete security. RegCure are available in two versions one is for 32 bit Windows Operating System and the other is for 64 bit Operating System. The other good news is that it is compatible with Windows 7 also. We receive emails with attachment and find many common file extensions like .txt (for plain text), .mp3(for music), etc. Here they provide complete information about common file extensions and the correct software to open the file. RegCure has some key features which makes it a stand out product from all other competitors.

RegCure can be undergoing both manual scan as well as complete automatic scan. The additional feature that will make it superb is that if it could be platform agnostic that is if it could be available as a cross platform product. The interface is very user friendly so even native users can use this to change the windows registry with ease. The software is available in the system tray which makes it a one click product for launch. So friends use this software to open files and ensure you can increase your PC performance and are free from any spy ware related problems also.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Anatomy of a Web Page

Anatomy of a Web Page
A web page or page you see in the internet is an electronic document written in a computer language called Hypertext Markup Language (HTML). Each and every web page has a distinctive address, called a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) that identifies its location on the online. A web site has one or many related web pages, depending on how it is designed. Web pages on a site are linked together through a system of Hyperlinks, enabling you to move between them by clicking on a link or you can see other web pages typing the specific address. On the Web, you navigate through pages of information according to your interests.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Jewels

designer engagement rings
Jewels are playing an important role in making of a wonderful wedding. For so many decades, the wedding ceremony has been taking place with such customary fashion accompanied with golden ornaments. The word gold jewels usually will go with the bride during the marriage ceremony. Engagement ring is usually meant that person wearing such ring is due to be getting married. In UK and North USA, these engagement rings are commonly used only by women. Conventionally the engagement ring will be given to the women as a betrothal gift by the proposed bridegroom.
engagement ring
These days such engagement rings are available with vast varieties like princess cut diamond solitaire ring, three stone diamond ring, and platinum diamond ring and so on. There are many wedding bands available with plain types such as 14 K gold 8mm plain type, 7mm two tone wedding band and 14 K gold 4 mm plain wedding band etc. There is also so many wedding bands that are suitable to men and women and especially the diamond wedding bands that are available in many varieties and attractive colors. The weight of such bands will be about to 6 to 14 grams as the weight is decided by the strength of the material used.

Nokia X3 for Music Lovers

Nokia X3 is a mobile for music lovers. It is just a better version of the Nokia budget phones like Nokia 5300 and Nokia 5200. It has a traditional design of a slider phone and slide functionality is very smooth. The camera is a 3.2 megapixel which gives nice clarity. Nokia X3 runs on Nokia's S40 operating system and I feel the UI could have been much better than the present one.

Nokia X3 disappoints me since it does not have any auto focus functionality and image quality is just ok and no functionality to shoot in the night makes it a only music player utility phone. The battery of the phone is 860 mAh Li-Pol battery and it last more than two days. Battery quality is good. The price of the phone is Rs 6500 and I would suggest this phone only for music lovers.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Health tips

Maintaining a good health is an important feature in day to day life keeping in mind the pollution around us these days. In order to reach certain health programmes we take some time off and listening to the various extreme workouts that are accounted from the above site. The ten minute trainer deluxe package cost at $159.8 will shape your body in such a way in accordance with your desires. The ten minute session will be containing latest workouts with extra resistance bands.

The some of routine exercise are Cardio strengthening, entire body flexibility, legs movements, Yoga flex Chest and back etc. The 90x workout guide involves complete workout courses and it is up to the customer to select from. If the trainer is wishing to enhance his muscle strength he is better advised to take P90x classic. For aiming on cardio, lean and long physique, you have to try P90x lean approach and the there is one more programme called P90x doubles.

During any workout one must feel that he is working within his cardio limits as it will help where he stands. For maintaining cardio zone you can wear turbo jam Heart Rate monitor / strap and the sensor strap to have accurate readings of ECG.

Identifying a Hyperlink and its work

Hyper link
In this post I will give you some information about how you can identify a hyperlink and its working. The text links are generally in a distinct color and comes with underlined from the rest of the text. The following are some tips to identify a hyperlink:
When the arrow cursor turns in to a hand symbol and the URL usually appears at the lower left of your web browser - in the status bar.

Now let us see how a hyperlink works:

A text or graphic hyperlink usually hides a URL. By clicking a hyperlink passes the URL to your browser. If you click the different parts of a linked graphic called an image map and it takes you to different web pages or different places on the same page. In addition to pointing to web pages, hyperlinks can access media files such as sound or video clips also.
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