Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wedding Jewels

designer engagement rings
Jewels are playing an important role in making of a wonderful wedding. For so many decades, the wedding ceremony has been taking place with such customary fashion accompanied with golden ornaments. The word gold jewels usually will go with the bride during the marriage ceremony. Engagement ring is usually meant that person wearing such ring is due to be getting married. In UK and North USA, these engagement rings are commonly used only by women. Conventionally the engagement ring will be given to the women as a betrothal gift by the proposed bridegroom.
engagement ring
These days such engagement rings are available with vast varieties like princess cut diamond solitaire ring, three stone diamond ring, and platinum diamond ring and so on. There are many wedding bands available with plain types such as 14 K gold 8mm plain type, 7mm two tone wedding band and 14 K gold 4 mm plain wedding band etc. There is also so many wedding bands that are suitable to men and women and especially the diamond wedding bands that are available in many varieties and attractive colors. The weight of such bands will be about to 6 to 14 grams as the weight is decided by the strength of the material used.

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