Monday, August 23, 2010

Downloading from Internet

Downloading from Internet
If you want to download from Internet follow the instructions carefully.

Downloading Instructions for Archive Files

1. Download the file into your “/download”Directory.
2. Locate and invoke your archive decompression program.
3. Instruct the decompression programme to decompress the archive.
4. Examine the decompressed files, looking for programs like “install.bat”, setup.exe” or even “install.exe”. These are the typical file names for installation software included with the archived programme. If you cannot locate any of these look for files like “readme.txt”, “manual.doc” and the like. Most likely these will have the installation instructions. While most sites have clean software, sometimes you may run across files which are infected with a computer virus. You should have a decent virus detection programme, one which is capable of scanning compressed archives and run it against every programme you download before actually running the programme.

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