Monday, August 23, 2010

Attractive Rain Chains

Attractive Rain Chains
The down spout that is being used in houses which carries the rain water to the ground is known as gutter system. Now we have the rain chains direct, a web site that excels in the product specially produced for houses and gardens is named as rain chains. They have been manufacturing these products since 2003. The raw material for the above is copper links or copper cups. Actually the rain chain was found by Japan and has become very popular is us in the last ten years. The rain chain will attract the onlookers for their excellent design and they can be hung in the open but not in the case of down spouts. For the purpose of rain water harvesting also these rain chains are utilized through saving the waste running rain water by linking the rain chains and connecting effectively in to the barrels.

Many people adore the attractive rain chains and want to replace the old gutter system. The manufacturing system will be by hand assembling and hundred percent using copper materials and that too with heavy gauge. Over duration of period the copper material will be covered by beautiful patina. Generally the above material can be recycled for further use and not in the case of many other metals. There are floral designs, link designs, catch basins and styled cup designs. Using the above rain chains and when you watch during the rains you will see the water is clinging to the links or funnels through the cups and goes down to the ground and making like a waterfall sound will astonish you.

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