Sunday, October 17, 2010

Colorful helmets

It will be a better idea, if traffic rules are made stricter as many of the road users do not follow safety traffic regulations. In a sense the disobedience of certain persons makes others lives miserable. Actually the governing authorities are making as a statutory for two wheeler riders to wear Motorcycle Helmets. The leading manufactures of helmets are Shoei, Hawk, Bell, Outlaw, Shark, Joe Rocket. The Bell Arrow Matte Black Helmets are made of toly carbonate alloy shell that can be adjusted for better air circulation.

The Shoei Company helmets are comes in different colors and models. The shield is quoted with anti scratch material and the shield can be move up and down. These types are called full face helmets and it is liked by many people as it covers the head completely and giving a protection to the skull. The full face type is having an adjustable chin opening to get in air and prevent shield fogging. The inner liner of the helmet can be taken out and meant for washing. These liners are anti bacterial. The chin strap is fitted with D ring closure. There are few more types of helmets that include open face, half helmets, motor cross etc.

For motorcycle tires there are many companies like Dunlop, Bridgestone, IRC Firestone and Continental. The Battlax replacement front tire is meant for sporting purpose and thoroughly tested and each one is manufactured to bear the vehicles weight, horse power and handling methods.

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