Thursday, August 19, 2010

Tips to improve your Computer performance

improve your Computer performance
Windows Registry is a hierarchical database that stores all the configuration related settings and options. The structure of registry is it contains two basic things keys and values. The registry keys are similar to folders and they can have sub folders also. They are the backbone and most of the native users find it difficult to access a Windows registry. So the access to that is restricted based on user privileges which also called as ACL (Access Control List). So everyone should be very careful while editing this since a careless edit can damage the total windows configuration.

Native users not only are ignorant to this Windows Registry but also face a lot of performance issue because of that. RegCure Registery cleaner will solve all these problems and ensure that your PC has maximum performance and also it cleans all the incomplete UN-installations spy ware applications there by enabling your computer complete security. RegCure are available in two versions one is for 32 bit Windows Operating System and the other is for 64 bit Operating System. The other good news is that it is compatible with Windows 7 also. We receive emails with attachment and find many common file extensions like .txt (for plain text), .mp3(for music), etc. Here they provide complete information about common file extensions and the correct software to open the file. RegCure has some key features which makes it a stand out product from all other competitors.

RegCure can be undergoing both manual scan as well as complete automatic scan. The additional feature that will make it superb is that if it could be platform agnostic that is if it could be available as a cross platform product. The interface is very user friendly so even native users can use this to change the windows registry with ease. The software is available in the system tray which makes it a one click product for launch. So friends use this software to open files and ensure you can increase your PC performance and are free from any spy ware related problems also.

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