Saturday, June 19, 2010

How to enable macro in Excel

Macro disabled security level

Hi friends in this post I am going to discuss with you how to enable macro in Excel. Macro has several advantages and you will realize that once you start using that.
The above picture is the one which occurs for people when they try to open a excel which contains a macro in it.The first and the foremost step to run a macro is to

1) Press Alt+ F8 which is the shortcut key to run a macro while Alt+F11 is the shortcut key to open Visual Basic Editor.

Enable Macro in Excel

2) For this you need to go to Tools --> Macro --> Security and under the Security Level Tab select the radio button Low inorder to run the macro.

3) Once this is down you can then open the excel and write and run macro in the Excel.The most important thing is only when you do this you can open Excel which contains a macro.

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