Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hearing solutions

The Med El (Medical Electronics) is deeply concerned and finding solution to the hearing impaired persons. The entire credit goes to the founders Profs. Ingeborg and Erwin Hochmair. It was later this institution became a role model by introducing implantable hearing devices throughout the world. After so many years of hard work by these Professors, the first ever multi channel micro electronic Cochlear Implant was made available in 1977. In the same year, a patient has received this Cochlear Implant in the month of December through Surgeon Prof. Kurt Burian. Med El has grown in stature and keeping around 850 employees under its belt. Not binding by International Global economy on financial situation as Med El being a limited Company and so they can concentrate on new product developments and techniques that are providing many hearing loss solutions especially to children and adults. Through its continuous innovations and caring for people’s concern over hearing problems and started to deliver highly technical Cochlear Implants. For children they use CI i.e. Cochlear Implant where they use a miniature computer with electronic hearing which is most useful for deaf children.

The most developed implant system is that combined with electronic medical devices. These devices are most suitable for people suffering acute hearing loss that cannot be cured by hearing aids. Through the process of developing the damaged nerve and connecting it with the hearing implant through a Cochlear Implant Surgery and the patient is assured of good hearing ability.

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