Friday, July 3, 2009

Trick to Convert WebPage to PDF : PrimoOnline site

Convert WebPage to PDF using PromoOnline
Websites are the source of information and some times you would like to save the page for further reference.This is a normal case but some sites don't allow you to save the web page.

Is there a solution for this problem ???

PrimoOnline is a site which allows you to convert the web page as a PDF.It is very simple and very secure.All you need to do is give the link that site that is the URL and the rest will be done in minutes.


1) Enter your email address

2) Upload the file or the give the link which you would like to convert it to PDF.

3) Click create PDF button and the web page is sent as PDF to your mail box instantly.

For conversion of files to all other forms you can use Zamzar site.They are highly effective and provide reliable service.

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