Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tips and tricks to search with Bing Search engine

Bing is the new search engine that Microsoft has released.This search engine is becoming popular day by day but the computer geeks feel that it has to go a long way if it has any ideas of getting closer to Google.Bing is the latest by Microsft its Beta version had the name of was not such a big hit when compared to the latest release Bing.If you type it automatically redirects to


Normally when you type you will get a page similar to do this with some background image.

1)You might have noticed that you get a background image when you got to Bing site.You have the option of disabling the background image.All you need to do is type for the background image to disappear.Type for the background image to reappear.

2) Bing search along with scratch pad feature enable us to select the list of images and pictures that we might be interested in.Take a look at this picture to get a better idea of how to do it.Download this picture to see its animated version and know how it works.

3) You can use "prefer" as keyword in bing to know about a particular news or information.Say you are going search about Sachin Tendulkar you can give "sachin prefer:cricket" without quotes to get the best results that contain only baout Sachin.

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