Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Tablet PC

Consumermate site is gaining more and more attraction from customers. This is mainly due to their quality reviews and ease of user interface which helps the user to compare different models and come to a conclusion on which model suits them. The site is adding two new sections (MP3 and also Tablet ) to the already available wide range of sections. The site is also well known for its expert advices on which electronic items to get. The site is must see, for all the gadget lovers. I just need to give them a five on five for the ease of user interface. The credit goes to the web site developer for such a great user interface.

Tablet PC are portable personal computers equipped with touch screen and they are making big waves in the International market. Consumermate has found that this would soon become a big hit in Indian market and so they have introduced a section called Tablet india.

Consumermate also has introduced one more section called mp3 players india. This section might not be as new as tablet pc but the craze for mp3 players have not gone down especially in India. They sell all the latest brands Sony, Apple, Samsung . The user reviews present in the site help the customers to get a clear picture about naïve users views which would help them to finalize the product of their needs and choices.

A new User review contest has been launched by Consumermate site and everyone can participate in the online contest and win exciting prices which include Digi Cams , latest pen drives and much more.

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