Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Brief history of Mobile Phones and the current era of Smart phones

Mobile phones have almost become an integral part of everyone’s life and have become indispensable. The use of mobile phones has almost become inevitable and their existence has slowly changed from a luxury to a basic need. The technology advancement in the mobile phones is quite phenomenal and to have an idea on that we need to traverse back 40 to 50 years where 1st generation of mobiles came in to existence. Around 1990’s the second generation of mobiles with digital networks made their existence and SMS the text messaging service was started in this era. Then came 3G where high speed data networks are used and finally we are in to the fourth generation of mobiles called 4G. The main advantage of using 4G mobiles is the elimination of circuit switching.

Mobile phones are slowly being replaced by Smart phones and thanks to Nokia Communicator the Father of all Smart phones. Well HTC is a stiff competitor for other companies and looks like they will soon become the World’s no1 leader in Smart phones. The HTC mobiles in India that are ruling the roast are HTC WildFire, HTC Desire , HTC Incredible.

Consumermate site has launched separate tab htc india which unravels all the best models that are available in the store. This brand phones with Android OS is the best combo that someone can bet on. These gsm mobile along with their intuitive touch screen is a must have. Friends based on your available budget be smart enough and select the best smart phone available in the market. Welcome to the world of smart phones !!!

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