Saturday, October 2, 2010

Best way to secure company data

Data Center can be called as the heart of an organization where all the vital information and critical data of an organization are stored in a completely secured manner. A company’s big challenge would be store its data in the most secure manner so that the data is free from both physical and virtual hindrance. The physical hindrance includes safe guarding the data from all kinds of natural calamities like fire, earthquake, tsunami etc. Generally these things are taken care by keeping the data center miles away from the location of the company so that even if there is a natural calamity all the critical data of the company would be in tact.

The next would be to safe guard the data from the virtual intruders. I mean the computer specialists who somehow find a virtual way to hack in to the system and get all the critical data and sell it outside. These people are called hackers and they do it mostly for money or else for thrill. The next thing would be to back data regularly since if the system crashes even then we need the data. I guess know you should have got a rough idea about the importance of the Data Center Security and how important it is for the growth of the company.

Virtualization Security is other important aspect which I would like to stress here. The system should be free from virus since it is very critical to keep the vital data safe from worms, virus and Trojans. So for this the virtual security is very much essential and it plays a significant role, since if the data is corrupt then whole system is of no use. Hackers are increasing in number and the ratio of ethical and non ethical hacker is so huge we need system which cannot have a security breech.

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