Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Structured settlement

A structured settlement annuity is basically a contract used by a insurance company and they fund the payments for personal injury over a period of time. Many people have the doubt whether as per law is it legal to sell structured settlement payments. Yes it is absolutely legal to sell your structured settlement payments. The most important thing in this type of sale is you must be given a disclosure about the financial terms and conditions of the sale. The Us Government has ensure that settlement annuity payments are tax free according to Section 104 (a) 2 act. These are some of the points which I felt like highlighting you can always look forward to this link for all the doubts related to cash for structured settlement.

You can use this site to ask for a free quote. It is a very simple process where you need o sign up an online account for free and enter all the contact information and once you complete the entire process you will get the money in 24 hours.So for what are you waiting for still?

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