Friday, May 28, 2010

Getting brighter

Good lighting equipments are considered as a prime factor both in houses and work places. To make use of lighting facilities we can think of LBC lighting. Here the customers can leave their desire to this web site and the rest is fulfilled based on the type of lighting and the requirements are met depending upon the individual budget capacity. About tech lighting we are very glad to find enormous varieties. Some of them are Java Wall light, Cube Wall light, Cosmo wall light and so on. The Cube wall light is about 4.8” wide x 5.4” height is manufactured of pressed glass and the based is die cast. It has very good lighting system and fitted with transformer and also has dimming facilities. The price is $236 with a discount of $94.

The Columbia inverted three light pendant is providing contemporary lighting system. The county Ohio was leading manufactures of clay objects by hand. As the pendant is copper sprayed on the surface the vicinity of clay can not be found out on the marble glass. When the light is seen during darkness one can witness the glory of the metallic finish. As soon as the switching on the light, the spots on the surface adding extraordinary look. The offered price is $284 as against $397. Duo Cube Art Glass Shade is from nora lighting which is priced at $61 and will be offered at a discount of $24.

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