Saturday, April 2, 2011

Facebook not free anymore

Facebook the King of Social Networking site has decided to go as a paid one. Facebook users will have two accounts to choose. The two accounts will be free account or pro (paid) account. This is a shocker and this will surely decline the no of users in Facebook. The process is as such all users will be migrated to free accounts and if they pay the monthly subscription then those users would be upgraded to pro accounts.

The fees for each month is not yet revealed officially. Some reliable sites like techtree claim that the amount is 10$ per month. This will go in pilot testing US and based on the response will be implemented worldwide. The one more shocker is each time you login you need to do paid survey in order to retain your accounts. I guess this will surely not go well with the users. Facebook wake up your taking a wrong step according to me.

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  1. thats what made facebook great, that it was free. the ability to reconnect with old friends, make business relations, share your daily thoughs and events, and most importantly, it was free. many other social networks did not have the same success as facebook because they charged for membership. could this possibly mean myspace will resurface as the king of social networking sites??


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