Sunday, June 6, 2010

LED lights

LED lights are increasingly used for lighting. LED light source is based on a semiconductor. Electroluminescence which was discovered way back in the year 1907 by British man H.J.round is the principle for the working of Light Emitting Diode (LED). The practical use of LED’s has increased over the years and now they are common replacement for traditional lighting system. Thus we need LED lights for almost all the common lighting purposes. The cost of LED’s has also come down now since they were so costly some years back. The advent of technology and the common usage has brought down the price of LED’s drastically.

Magnetic LED Lights a different variant of LED lights are becoming increasingly popular. The use of these lights has increased because these lights have strong magnetic base and so they can be mounted on any metal surface on temporary or semi permanent basis. There are so many varieties in these lights and the costs of these are also very reasonable especially when compared with the functionality that each one provides. When you click on each variety in their site you have the specification and benefits which gives you a clear idea whether to go for this or to choose some other type of LED light.

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