Sunday, June 20, 2010

Adam by Notion Ink the most awaited Indian Gadget

Adam Notion Ink

Notion Ink CEO Rohan Shravan has pleaded eveyone to stop speculation about his Tablet PC "Adam". The Tablet PC is making a buzz since most people are interested to know about this. The preview of Adam Tablet PC looks like it is sleek and 10.1 inch in size.Adam as a 180-degree swivel camera which is one major feature that impress many tech pundits.

Notion Ink has proposed to launch two versions of Adam one with Pixel Qi display and the other will be with cheaper LCD screen.The company has applied patent for 180-degree swivel camera and multi-touch input. Many blogs including "Engadget" have praised Notion Ink for its innovation and all are waiting for the release of Adam

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