Sunday, November 6, 2011

Google Galaxy Nexus in India

Google Galaxy Nexus
Google Galaxy Nexus is termed as the next best thing in smart phones. It is also termed as iPhone Killer. This phone is aimed as rivalry for Apple the current leader of smart phone world. Galaxy Nexus is based on the Android 4.0 operating system This Android 4.0 gives a new look and this makes this phone as something beyond smart.

Face Unlock:

This is a great feature available in this phone using which you can unlock your phone with just a smile. No more pattern lock are passwords to be remembered. So unlock your phone with this new way.

Face detection

Voice Typing :

This is an awesome feature available in this phone using which it types as you speak. all you need to do is touch thee microphone on the keyboard and start speaking so that it will automaticallly type emails and SMS for you.


The phone is enabled with fast 4G so you can browse watch videos without any delay. The in built dual core processor enables you to switch between apps with ease and makes life quite easy and smooth for gadget lovers

Panoramic Camera :

The high end camera has automatic focus and an intuitive way to take the panoramic pictures. This phone helps you to take some amazing pictures.

The high definition display and the slim and curved looks makes this phone a treat for gadget lovers. It is high time that you register for updates about this Google Galaxy Nexus.

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