Thursday, May 19, 2011

Silicon Power Stream S10 features and price

Silicon Power Stream 10
This is the most trendy and fashionable hard disk that I have ever seen. This has arguably the best finish that I have seen. The edges are glossy and shinny and hence gives a killer look. This portable storage hard-disk has 750 GB storage capacity. The performance of the drive is overwhelmingly satisfying and it is very sllim and just weighs less than 150 gms.

Silicon Power Stream S10

The file transfer using the Silicon Power Stream is extremely fast. The speed for copying a 4 GB data is not more than a 90 seconds. This is possible mainly due to the ultra fast USB 3.0 interface. They have included SP Widget softwware along wiith this. The price of Silicon Power Stream S10 is Rs 4550.

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