Saturday, January 16, 2010

Tato Nano in US

Tata Nano US
Tata Nano has started making waves in Us also.Ratan Tata confirmed the news that Nano the peoples car will be launched in US with a price tag of 5000 dollars.Tata Nano is surely expected to make a revelation in US since the lowest priced car in North America is $9000 to 10000, which means Nano is half the time the price of the cheapest car that is right now available in US market.

The experts feel that if Tata Nano is to make some big impact in Us there needs to be some design change and off course the vehicle should meet emission standards.The Nano revolution or I will call it Nano Mania is going to start in US very soon,and if the above constraints are met Nano will be a sure hit in US.

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